We are open by reservation-only. We need to confirm the number of customers who visited our facility so please inquire about making reservation by phone or email before your visit.

Overall view


Play area

1. Entrance

Great View of Shibuya from the 9th floor!

2. Plarail Area

Everyone’s favorite trains and cars.

3. White Sand Area

You can play house or dig sand with a shovel. We use antibacterial sand: disinfected every day with a sanitizer safe for kids.

4. Play House Area

After shopping at the grocery store you can play at the wooden house.

5. Fluffy SL Slide

Shibuya kid’s original SL slide. Go through the tunnel and ring the bell!

6. Trampoline and Bouldering

Challenge the climbing wall after jumping. Can you touch the bell at the top??


Nursing Room

No need to bring a pot. If you purchase a bottle of water, we can make hot water for you.


We have diaper changing table, kid’s toilet, and baby chair.


Hand sanitizer at the entrance is free to use.

Antibacterial Floor

We use an antibacterial cushion floor.

Vending Machine

Drinking is allowed inside the play area. Eating is only allowed at the designated place.


Free to use.


Free to use.

Security Camera

Placed inside the room for your safety.