★【December・12月】営業時間変更のお知らせ Change of Business Hour★

【12月営業時間のお知らせ】【Change of Business Hour : DECEMBER 2019 】
We will be closing earlier than usual when we have a private party reserved. (4pm on weekdays 5pm on weekends/holidays) (regular business hours 10am-6pm)
We are closed on Fridays and only open for private parties.
Prívate party reserved dates listed below. Please check the latest information before your visit.
【平日 16時までの営業日/CLOSE AT 4pm】
•12/16(Mon) ※16時半まで営業/CLOSE AT 4:30PM
•12/17(Tue)  ※16時半まで営業/CLOSE AT 4:30PM
【土日祝日 17時までの営業日/CLOSE AT 5pm】